Bogus Jeffrey Beall


Jeffrey Beall is on a crusade of his own. It is baffling that someone w/o any substantive track record in research can make sweeping comments about other scholars, scientists, renowned academics and organizations of standing and reputation. His commentaries are without basis and frivolous. His claims are bogus. This blog invites scholars, academics and researchers to comment about this individual who under the pretext of serving the academic community is merely distorting facts with baseless commentaries and without any scientific or scholarly expertise. Jeffrey Beall has no prior track record in research, research publications and / or has not severed as an editor in any reputable journal of standing. He is merely an assistant librarian. We are equally surprised/disappointed that his university permits such unprofessional conduct by a ‘quasi’ academic (at best).


Here are some of the links for all of you to read about bogus Jeffrey Beall.

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Bogus Jeffrey Beall Profile


Jeffery Beall ProfileFrom the profile ( ,it is glaringly evident Jeffrey Beall is not a scholar; he doesn’t even have a doctoral degree and has not published in any leading/reputable journals. In fact, the only publications he has to his credit (as reflected in his profile) happens to have been produced in the last two years (there is nil track record of prior publications). That too ONLY 7 publications (pretty pathetic track record to claim to be scholarly). He has never served in any academic or editorial committee. Hence his commentaries and statements are merely an opinion by a quasi (self anointed) academic and not scholarly. A blatant attempt to mislead in the pretext of a scholar. Jeffrey Beall should be sponsored by someone to earn a doctoral degree first before he can even attempt to make a qualified opinion on scholarly publications. His basic degree is from a state university and a masters from another state university. That is hardly scholarly. A very weak attempt to mislead by someone who claims to be an expert with scholarly qualifications. In fact he is trying to sell his services (please visit to consult and train whereas he himself needs further education before he can rightfully claim to be an expert.